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You love your PC - but you hate it!

Your pc was wonderful when you first got it but now it’s driving you mad! It takes forever to boot up and then when it does, all sorts of messages appear that mean absolutely nothing to you. And then just when you’ve sorted all this out - it decides to shut down, all on it’s own. Sounds familiar. Perhaps it’s time for a chat with tlc4pc

You just want your computer to work when you

need it.

Your computer is an essential part of everyday life - you use it for business, you shop with it, you bank with it, keep in touch with friends and family. In short - it’s an essential element in your life. But everything seems to change with the speed of light these days! Windows 10, Microsoft Office 365, Anti-virus, Internet Explorer, Chrome - it just goes on and on. It’s so difficult to keep up with it all. We’ll visit you by appointment and then take the time to make sure that your computer is up to date, working properly and that you are absolutely happy that everything is to your satisfaction.
Just £65 and you can fall in love with your PC again!